The Underground Authority.

The structures and systems that move resources across the globe are mostly below the surface. From natural gas pipelines and high voltage electric lines to water systems and communication networks, underground infrastructure challenges only grow more pressing as the world advances. Few companies understand the complex needs of the underground construction professionals who keep it all working—building, maintaining and repairing the very foundation of our way of life. One company, however, understands “underground” like no other: Charles Machine Works.

“Underground infrastructure around the world is old and deteriorating. Some of the pipes in the ground are 100 years old. There are hundreds of water-main breaks each day, which waste trillions of gallons of processed water. Our goal is to try to find solutions to locate these pipes, inspect them, and repair or replace the pipes in the ground with modern methods to build better pipes and better infrastructure.”

Rick Johnson
CEO, Charles Machine Works

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Our story began over 100 years ago on the dusty plains of Oklahoma. We are proud of our past and excited for the future …

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We’re a unique Family of Companies with a global reach. But growth and success has never caused us to waiver from who we really are: a family-owned company with small-town roots and deeply held values that guide our business every day.

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