Here’s How We Help.

We’re focused on underground construction. Every facet of every Charles Machine Works company is dedicated to the infrastructure underneath it all. That kind of specialization and expertise is unique in our industry … and exactly what it takes to become The Underground Authority.

Open Cut Excavation

From the first Ditch Witch trencher that launched an industry in 1949 to the latest digging technologies for underground pipe and cable, we’ve been an innovative leader in open cut excavation. Our equipment can be seen on jobsites worldwide, from nimble 12-hp, 24” walk-behinds to hulking 950-hp machines digging 72” wide trenches 83” deep.

No Dig/Trenchless

In the early days, trenchless technology was utilized almost exclusively by the oil and gas industry. By the late 1980s, the smaller end of the no-dig market took off with fiber-optic cable installation. Our Family of Companies was there for both. To date, the longest HDD bore in the world is a 2.9-mile shot across the Yangtze River in China with an American Augers DD-1100RS. And that record-setting mindset is at work every day in all our companies providing new and pre-owned HDD equipment.


Utility locators. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) guidance equipment. Equipment machine controls. Utility inspection systems. Our electronics solutions span the underground construction industry, with leading technology to support the installation, maintenance and inspection of underground pipe and cable. Whether it’s the location of a buried utility, the depth and orientation of the drill head, the critical operating parameters of HDD equipment, or the condition of a buried pipe, we help create a safer, more productive working environment for underground construction projects.

Pipe Rehabilitation

Our pipe rehabilitation solutions repair and replace sewer and water pipelines that run under cities, connecting homes, offices and industries to the municipal sewer network or water connection. HammerHead offers several solutions to the rehab market, providing a vital capability to help keep our infrastructure intact.

HDD Tooling

Rugged, reliable HDD tooling is as vital to our customers’ success as the drills themselves. That’s why we design, manufacture, and sell a comprehensive array of proven tooling that’s among the industry’s best. From rock tools and reamers to drive chucks and drill pipe, we leverage our experience as HDD equipment manufacturers to provide exactly what our customers need to stay on schedule and stay profitable.